What makes our trailers so special?
For starters, they were custom built with their new purpose in mind!


1947 Kit Sportsman turned Tap Trailer

The Tap Trailer joined the Fab family one year later in 2016. It was
also sitting in a field in Eastern San Diego. Definitely for years. Probably for decades.

We followed the same recipe of tearing the trailer down to its base, adding a new axle, tires, and subfloor. We then framed the trailer
and added brand new aluminum skins.

Next came a professionally designed cooling system to ensure perfectly cooled beverages poured from the 3 external taps.

We also made brand new marquee letters (see video below) that are
the same size as the Photo Booth letters so they pair together perfectly.

1948 Kenskill Trailer turned Fab Photo Booth

It was 2015. Our Fab Photo Booth was sitting in a field in Eastern San Diego. So dilapidated that it needed to be strapped to a flatbed and towed to the shop.

Our new trailer was torn down to the frame. The frame was reinforced, painted, and then a brand new axle and vintage looking white walled tires were added. Next, we built a brand new subfloor!

The original wall was traced in order to maintain the shape and the feel of the original 1948 design. The interior was re-built and re-designed for it’s new purpose. Gone were the safety hazards like old wiring, appliances, plumbing, or sharp corners. We thought about the flow of traffic and the distance to the camera.

We used brand new siding and she got a snazzy new paint job. We built the console, seating, did our own upholstery, and made the marquee letters

In the end we had a truly Fabulous Photo Booth!!


Now Let’s Have a Party!!