Happy Birthday to the New Children's Museum!!


This year the New Children's Museum celebrates 35 years in San Diego and 10 years in it's current downtown location.
We were thrilled to be a part of the celebration honoring this San Diego gem!

NCM 10th birthday-35.jpg

The night kicked off with some creative birthday wishes!!

NCM 10th birthday-165.jpg
NCM 10th birthday-42.jpg

Themed eats and drinks! The cake was designed to celebrate NCM's newest installation, No Rules....Except. 
A room full of mattresses and cushion tires so you can bounce to your heart's content!

NCM 10th birthday-86.jpg

NCM was presented with a proclamation from
The Arts Council and the City Council 

NCM 10th birthday-189.jpg

Cutting the ribbon to the newest NCM installation. No rules here! 
Now let's jump around!!

NCM 10th birthday-194.jpg
NCM 10th birthday-219.jpg
NCM 10th birthday-247.jpg
NCM 10th birthday-67.jpg

Glitter and jewel perfection by the talented JenJennyJennifer

NCM 10th birthday-75.jpg
NCM 10th birthday-68.jpg

Lil teal decked out in her birthday attire.

NCM 10th birthday-89.jpg
NCM 10th birthday-70.jpg

NCM's mission is to "stimulate imagination, creativity, and critical thinking in children and families through inventive and engaging experiences with contemporary art".


Think! Play! Create!
All day every day! 

NCM 10th birthday-256.jpg

Photos by France Photographers
Jewels by JenJennyJennifer
Eats and Drinks